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The Trellis Platform

For today's biggest challenges and data center initiatives, organizations need a robust solution to meet their growing demands. Vertiv partners with our customers to understand and solve their data center imperatives and deliver the industry-leading DCIM solution to improve operations, increase efficiency and enable business for growth and transformation.

Data Center Requirements Value of the Trellis Platform
IT organizations need to improve operational efficiencies while at the same time minimize the risk of outages and downtime.
  • Reduce inefficiencies in your infrastructure without disrupting your existing operations
  • Defer capital expenses and increase operating margin
  • Make your infrastructure resilient and flexible to support your planned transformational and growth initiatives
The business operations of the organization need to focus on improving the overall agility, accuracy, access and availability.
  • Improve the quality of your IT services and SLAs with holistic, end-to-end visibility across the infrastructure
  • Reduce your operational expenses without compromising on infrastructure availability or agility
  • Increase your infrastructure agility and flexibility without compromising on infrastructure availability
To better plan and manage, IT personnel need to have a clear understanding of the assets, space, power and capacity that reside in the data center and determine how to do more with less.
  • Improve your productivity and make you more effective in your job
  • Help scale your resources and manage remote resources more effectively
  • Ensure that you have the required visibility and control into your data center resources to perform your job efficiently

Trellis DCIM Solution Capabilities

Whether individually or in combination, the Trellis platform applications help organizations meet the growing needs and demands of the data center. With Trellis Inventory Manager and Trellis Change Planner, you can track assets and plan changes with improved accuracy, access and availability. With Trellis Site Manager and Trellis Energy Insight, you’ll monitor assets and view energy consumption in real time - and detect problems before they occur.

The Trellis Power System Manager improves business continuity and lowers operational costs via documentation of the power system and connections through a one-line diagram. The ability to manage workflow is available through the Trellis Process Manager. With four processes based on best practice, the Trellis Process Manager provides a systematic approach to making an organization's workflow more effective. With the Trellis Mobile Suite, risks and costs are reduced while data center agility and flexibility is enhanced.

Trellis Inventory Manager
The ultimate tool for keeping track of all your assets.
Trellis Energy Insight
A view into energy consumption, plus data center inefficiencies.
Trellis Site Manager
Full tracking and reporting on the health of your devices.
Trellis Mobile Suite
Move, change and add devices right from the data center floor.
Trellis Power System Manager
Complete management of your data center's power system.
Trellis Process Manager
Intelligent workflow management system that increases efficiency and decreases risk.
  Trellis Change Planner
Plan and execute changes with confidence.

Trellis Platform Unique Features

Avocent® Universal Management Gateway
Provides a dedicated hardware link into the DCIM ecosystem.
Trellis Platform has been tested on Oracle Linux 5.6, Oracle Database 11g R2, Oracle WebLogic Server 11g R1 and Oracle Exadata Database Machine.
Trellis Platform Express Edition
Out-of-the-box DCIM solution for faster implementation.