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Power Distribution

For applications requiring protection from electrical line problems without the need for back-up capability, Vertiv manufactures a full line of power conditioning equipment to shield critical loads from external disturbances. Liebert power distribution systems efficiently deliver this conditioned power to your equipment.

Power Distribution Products & Solutions:

Rack PDU

IT and Facility Managers need to reliably and efficiently distribute data center power to rack-based networking equipment via rack power distribution units (PDUs). Whatever the level of criticality--basic distribution, remote monitoring, or control at the receptacle level - a Vertiv rack PDU solution can fit your application needs.

Vertiv Modular Adaptable Power Strip

MPX - Modular Adaptable Power Strip

MPX is the most responsive and adaptive rack PDU available. With MPX rack PDU technology, you can respond to rack equipment changes and dynamic capacities by leveraging hot-swappable modular output power, hot-swappable modular communications and modular input power.

MPH2 - Monitored or Controlled Power Distribution

MPH2 - Monitored or Controlled

MPH2 offers the industry's leading operating temperatures, ensuring availability even in the harsh environment at the back of the rack. MPH2 is the most intelligent, high-availability line of managed rack PDUs. It offers remote monitoring and control capabilities as well as environmental input options, with multiple power input selections and output configurations.



DI-STRIP Rack PDU meets a broad range of data center power distribution requirements for IT and other applications. These basic models offer output distribution in a robust package. Standard and high-power models are available in a variety of configurations.

Liebert PPC - 10	kVA to 80kVA

Liebert PPC - 10 kVA to 80kVA

Housed in a single, self-contained cabinet, it combines distribution, computer-grade grounding, isolation, and power monitoring to provide the protection your vital computer or communications equipment demands.

In-Row Liebert FPC - 15 kVA to 	300kVA

In-Row Liebert FPC - 15 kVA to 300kVA

The rack-size Liebert® FPC power conditioning and distribution cabinet provides higher quality, more flexible power distribution for high-density data centers. It is engineered to combine the convenience and cost savings of a pre-packaged, factory-tested unit with the flexibility of a custom-tailored power system.

In-Row Liebert FDC - 42 Poles to 168 Poles Power Conditioning

In-Row Liebert FDC - 42 Poles to 168 Poles

Integrate power distribution into the rack environment, with the rack-sized Liebert® FDC. The stand-alone cabinet blends physically and cosmetically with rack equipment, while offering the distribution capabilities of a much larger unit.

Liebert RX - 42 Poles to 84 Poles

Liebert RX - 42 Poles to 84 Poles

The Liebert RX remote power distribution cabinet supplies packaged power distribution in the smallest possible footprint, with 400 Amp and 84 poles in one panelboard, and only requiring 24”x12” of space. It offers monitoring options and multiple configuration possibilities to fit the needs of most data centers.

Liebert STS2 - 100 to 100A

Liebert STS2 - 100 to 100A

For maximum availability applications, Liebert STS2 static transfer switch provides an automatic, seamless transfer between your critical load and the outputs of two independent UPS systems in a dual-bus power configuration.

Liebert STS2-PDU – 250 to 1000A

Liebert STS2-PDU – 250 to 1000A

With a single, space-saving unit, the Liebert STS2/PDU static transfer switch/power distribution unit provides power distribution and automatic switching between two different AC power sources.

Liebert MB Modular Busway

Liebert MB Modular Busway

Liebert MB Busway provides high density power distribution to the rack while eliminating cable clutter that can reduce airflow. This modular system is easy to install, and is easily expanded with a variety components in configurations to meet unique site needs. Available in high density and standard configurations.

Liebert MicroPOD

Liebert MicroPOD

When a computer system cannot be without power - even for maintenance - a Liebert MicroPOD ensures continuous uptime. The Liebert MicroPOD provides maintenance bypass capability and power output distribution for Liebert GXT and Liebert PSI UPS models 3 kVA and below, as well as other brands of UPS systems.